The Poulstone blog is here!

Ta-naaah!  The Poulstone blog is here!  We hope that you’ll enjoy keeping in touch with us via the blog and would like to thank our friend and webmaster Mick Tomlinson for creating it for us.  Thanks, Mick!

It’s a reflective time for us at the moment.  1st May saw our 5th Anniversary of running Poulstone and it’s an opportunity for us to pause and take stock.  The first 5 years have really been about being as thrifty as possible in order to pay for essential repairs and developments for the house and to renovate the gardens.

Having completed much (although by no means all) of the work that needed doing when we started 5 years ago, we now want to find ways of being here that have an even and constant feel to them rather than the huge bursts of energy that have been needed to get things to where they are now.  We want to arrive at a sense of just tending things.  There is more of a feeling of ease now which we’re really enjoying.

There have been many miracles along the way, both large and small, and we really want to express our gratitude to everyone for their support, including those in spirit. Particular thanks go to the teachers and friends who have helped us in the holding of this special environment.

We are holding a Friends’ Day on 11th August at the end of the work retreat as a thank you to everyone who has supported Poulstone over the last five years – by running or attending courses or by contributing work, expertise or resources, or by providing moral support!  (You know who you are xx)!

Do get in touch if you’d like to join us for lunch and/or for the afternoon – or indeed if you’d like to join the work retreat (there are still some places left).

We’re looking forward to the years ahead at Poulstone, as well as keeping in touch with you all via the blog and our quarterly newsletter.

Much love, Mel & Steve x

Poulstone Court Retreat Centre

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Rajesh sees Poulstone as a refuge in a fast-moving world and is inspired by guests leaving Poulstone renewed and re-centred. He regards the energy of Poulstone to be perfect for retreats and manages Poulstone to maintain and sustain this energy. Rajesh has been attending retreats for a very long time and occasionally runs meditation retreats. He was introduced into the many different faiths of India including Hinduism, Sikhism, Christianity, Sufism and Buddhism from a very early age. These faiths have formed a large part of his upbringing. He is a barrister by profession specialising in human rights from Chambers in London. He is also a humanitarian and environmentalist and has worked with and founded organisations around the world whose objectives include the rejuvenation of land, communities and promoting human rights. He also founded the first Indian vegetarian restaurant in Worcestershire with his family. His joys include cooking, gardening, playing the sitar, reading Eastern philosophy and loves being with his family and friends.

4 thoughts on “The Poulstone blog is here!”

  1. hi Mel and Steve congrats on the new blog.
    You have done an amazing job over these last
    five years and Poulstone looks and always feels very special.
    Thank you for providing this supportive space for so many journeys!
    much metta. Stephen.

  2. Congratulations!
    Having a blog is a bit like having a dog. It needs constant attention and keeps jumping up at you.
    Actually, it’s not at all like a dog.
    It’s more like a cake, you have to keep baking a new one before the old one gets too dried up and inedible.
    Come to think of it, a cake is a very poor analogy.
    A blog is Facebook without all those wierd people you befriended and don’t know how to get rid of writing nonsense all over you page ten time a day with pictures of their pimply kids and rain-soaked holidays.
    If you ever need a guest blogger let me know.
    Love from Dave x

  3. Does this mean we have even more of those lovely Poulstone news letters? Wonderful! This is written with the same heart and lightness as the newsletters. Whether it’s a dog or a cake I couldn’t say but I favour cake over dog any day. Not dry & crumbly though and this one is fresh and full of fruit. Yum. Well done Mel & Steve

  4. Congratulations Mel and Steve on your five years at Poulstone and all you’ve achieved. Everything looks wonderful in the photos….very nice photos by the way Steve. Welcome to the world of Blogging….Love, Gill xxxxx

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