Inner and Outer Prosperity

Inner and Outer Prosperity

Poulstone has had a well deserved rest over December and the start to 2018, but just as well as 2018 will be a busy year with retreats and all that is planned for the year.

The website has now been updated and now a participants leaflet can also be downloaded from the contact page. The cookbook has been refreshed, updated and given a new look and there are plans for another edition coming out. Further efficiencies will be introduced in the administration of the office and retreats so that a more seamless service can be offered. We will be creating and implementing an environmental policy, to add to what is already in place at Poulstone. This will be a priority for 2018. There are plans for organised voluntary work at Poulstone and meditation will be taught at Poulstone for no charge and at least once every other month.

Its going to be an exciting year.

We do this so that Poulstone continues to be a wonderful haven for your retreats and visitors leave nourished and refreshed by the energy at Poulstone and share this with the world.

This to me is working at inner prosperity for outer prosperity, which is the central theme at Poulstone for 2018. Wishing all inner and outer prosperity.

Happy New Year.







Rajesh Rai

5 January 2018

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