Some golden days

Finally! a couple of glorious sunny autumn days in which to take some photos of the trees around Poulstone changing into their autumn colours.  Mel sneaked out yesterday while the group were in their session to take a few shots around the place, especially the shining yellow maple along the driveway which was positively glowing in the late afternoon sun against an iron-grey sky.

We have a group of psychotherapists with us this week and they have been shrouded in mist all week which they tell us has been perfect for the work they are doing on the “shadow” side of our nature.  For us, it has felt very cosy and internal, the beginning of that hibernating feeling as winter approaches.  However, as the course comes to a close tomorrow, they are finishing in wonderful autumnal sunshine!

It’s been a busy time with the course this week and we now seriously need to get out there with some rakes!  Steve has been also starting to put together our “new” recycled greenhouse which is looking great.  It will have to live without its roof for a while but otherwise is looking really good and sturdy.  Gail and Steve had some fun putting it together and it will make potting up and growing tomatoes, peppers, aubergines (and perhaps the ever-elusive melon…) a much nicer proposition.

Also, on an autumnal note, we’ve been harvesting our squash before the frosts come.  A rather diminished crop compared to last year but enough to have made the effort worthwhile.  The garden is full of wonderful greens which are coming into the Poulstone kitchen – Swiss and rainbow chard, leaf beet, kales and cabbage.

We’re also now the proud owners of about 5000 Spring bulbs which we’ll be putting in next week (starting to wonder if we have bitten off more than we can chew there!).  We’re hoping the daffodils, tulips and other bulbs will give you an even lovelier array of  colour if you visit in the Spring.

Since our last post, we’ve been busy with a Tai Chi group, a seven day meditation retreat and two shamanic groups.  We’ve also been joined on a part-time basis by Nicky, Alanah and Emma who have joined the team since Charmaine departed.  Everyone is learning the ropes and fitting easily into the team.

That’s about it for now except for a few more autumnal pics!


More soon!

Love Mel & Steve x

Poulstone Court Retreat Centre