Poulstone Court

At Poulstone we welcome and support teachers and students from a wide range of paths and practices. We host a wide variety of retreats, courses, trainings and gatherings.

Where groups are open to the public, the teacher or organiser's contact details are shown.

Where descriptions are given, these are provided by the teachers or organisers, or taken from their own literature. 

Only confirmed bookings are included.

Note to teachers and organisers: this calendar is not intended as a guide to availability as it does not include provisional bookings or some annually repeating bookings. For availability, please contact us directly on 01432 840 251.

Alphabetical list of current courses     (click title for more info)    

▪   Body, Mind & Soul Retreat 
with James Reeves, Bliss Divine Yoga
6th June 2014
▪   Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork 
Professional Massage Training
3rd July 2014
▪   Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork (Worcester) 
Professional Massage Training
26th June 2014
▪   Dragon Spring Tai Ji 
with Alec Jones
24th July 2014
▪   Freefall Writers Workshop 
with Barbara Turner-Vesselago
21st April 2014
▪   Holotropic Breathwork 
with Marianne Murray
4th August 2014
▪   Jan Adamson & Desiree Emery 
Shamanic healing
2nd May 2014
▪   Jan Adamson & Desiree Emery 
Shamanic healing
10th October 2014
▪   Manda Scott 
Shamanic healing
7th May 2014

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