Day in the garden

Day in the garden

Wednesday was wonderfully warm and sunny and everyone got out into the garden.  Even Mel was sprung from behind her desk!

Steve and Dave have begun a new project around the cherry tree by the barn (more of that in due course) – the area had become a little dark and overgrown so time for a change.  Mel swept and tidied the kitchen yard and potted up some hanging baskets for a bit of colour out the back.
Gail and Mel also sowed under cover the calabrese, sweetcorn, brussels, kale, squash, pumpkin and courgettes.  It’s felt too cold to plant much outdoors apart from the onions….still, the warmth of the day made us hopeful of some warmer weather to come and a chance to really get going on the veg plot.

Given the coldness of the wind today, it’s hard to believe that we ate our lunch out under the pear trees…….!!

Well, Steve’s out in the garden again today – in steady drizzle – ho hum….Everyone else is working in the house.  We have a lovely yoga group from Bristol here ( lead by Charlotte Hunt and her partner Dom.  They’re having a nurturing weekend of yoga, walking, massage and relaxation.  We’re greatly enjoying having them here x

Mel & Steve

Poulstone Court Retreat Centre


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